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BETT musings – part 1

After a week of the BETT show from an LA authority point of view, an exhibitors point of view and through BSF goggles I thought I would pop a few of my thoughts down here. Following the tweets, blogs and musing of others really brings home the variety of things at BETT. However it is not about the tools…it is about how you use them and this is what is usually missing from large-scale events like these. However, teachmeet and teachmeet takeover….brings it all home and makes you feel warm again inside…..anyway here goes:


Ok, the new tech at BETT for me seemed to be the 3D projection. I have seen some of this tech recently up close and personal and although it looks amazing the content and development of content is my biggest fear. One way around it is the google warehouse and possibly sketchup to create your own…but when are teachers going to get the time….

Epson Ultra short throw….good…getting there….interactive walls and the like…However pedagogy seems to missing in the software for some of these devices so a Frankenstein solution of Smart Notebook or ActivInspire is also needed in my opinion. Also OMI had sensory ceiling mounted projectors. And Casio had its bright LED projectors that never need a bulb change…a good tick in the sustainability box and green agenda.

Steljies / SMART have a new interesting project to monitor and edit timelines on video for CPD.

New Visualisers were available from Genee World, Avermedia and Elmo. (thanks to Dave Robinson for highlighting this for me) Finally Dave Robinson pointed out the TTS Group whom has has several new resources including the Tuff-Cam 2 digital camera and Easi-Walker class pack pedometer system and Easi-Torch designed for Early Years.


Learning Platforms were making the most of parental engagement tools with Fronter, UniServity and itsLearning all moving on this one. Roadmaps for LP’s are interesting and are a blog post in their own right but there are some really interesting developments and some quite radical ones in the case of the new product ‘Life’ from UniServity which seems to have lots and lots of potential.

Again, BETT had a range of ICTAC software and some fab resources for SEN. Not however as much SCORM compliant software as I had thought, although Pearson is beginning to push all their content into Fronter which is exiting. Some software providers seem to be claiming they will work within LP’s but full integration with assessment data and the like seem to be missing.

Miles Berry and the Open Source cafe crew did a fantastic job and the CD has gone down a treat with all who popped into their stand. Twitter was buzzing with the OSS CD recommendations. And in the week that the whitehouse also claimed use of OSS for their comms….great timing.

2Simple were showing their new software 2Create a Superstory which, like 2Do It Yourself, is a Flash creator that can be uploaded to websites and Learning Platforms.

    TeachMeet takeover

Now this was where I saw some fantastic stuff. The amount of good, next, emerging and outstanding practice at these micro presentations was brilliant. Seeing inspirational teachers discuss projects and resources is what BETT should also be all about. TM takeover reflections

    Vital CPD

The OU project Vital to collate and share CPD with others seems to have a great pedagogical perspective. Free courses, online courses…however the commercial training companies suppliers may struggle to fit into their business models but this will be huge I am sure.

    Learning Spaces

This area set up by PfS was very enlightening to all with BSF or new builds commencing. There were some excellent resources, companies and ideas that made my brain boil. I need to probably do a separate post for this.


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