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White paper for education November 2010

The whitepaper.has just been unveiled by Michael Gove. What do I think? There’s been a lot of debate and several very interesting points. New curriculum review-we knew this, however, English maths science humanities are now core for baccalaureate in the league tables. Lots of schools will get caught with this due to over reliance on vocational gcse’s. Lets see the fallout in January options evenings. Teacher training….is destined to be like a vocational course itself. The government seem to think that on the job training such as graduate teacher programme. I personally think this is a bad move as lack of edu theory and practice, the craft of teaching. They prefer the apprenticeship style with live classes full time. Lots of other information, facts and lists need to be learned but lack of ict mentioned in white paper sends shivers down my spine. Contrast this to the ofsted report released this week where numeracy, literacy and ict are detailed as core. Has Gove got this right? Only time will tell but we must digest this report fully to appreciate nuances inside. Please post any comments here .


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