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So its arrived…and the fun starts. Sychronising itunes music photos and various other media has proved simple but yet more complex with regard to multiple use of machines. What do I mean? Well, I have a laptop I use for work. Itunes is on it as I use it for work and for listening to music when working. My wife has an iPhone and she downloads films and apps for the kids. We use the same account but files are local. Will take me.a while to sort and synchronising it manually may be the best option.

I love the look and feel of the device and its so fab the way the manual consists of three tiny bits of paper….Apple certainly get an.a* for user interface design.

As far as educational value it has oodles and I think the size and clarity of display make it an ideal tool for the classroom. Will be good to compare to Android platform and price will be a good gauge of use in edu.

Will blog more later….


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