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The Real Free Shool

Twitter is a funny thing. A tweet. A DM. A phone call. An appointment. The next thing I find myself in London. 5 Bloomsbury Square to be exact. A literary area right opposite the British Museum. But first, to the local pub, The Museum Tavern to meet two of the light brigade to charge on the venue.

So the venue. The Real Free School. A squat. Ready to return to the land lord on Saturday (this is Thursday). You see, this squat is no ordinary squat. It has a google calendar associated with it and they invite people to come and speak about anything. Anything? Even ICT? Of course. Our topic was the skills gap between school and industry.

Knock, Knock…wait…Knock. The big black door opens like the bombproof one we are used to seeing in Downing Street. The person who opens it disappears. We enter. Wow, two other friends and tweeps are there to greet us. Our room is full…noisy and busy. We stay in the foyer. A grand piano, a ukelele (I wish I could play one, I need a six string) some cannabis and a super duper lot of graffiti all over the Walls. No carpet, no wall paper but oodles of character, I mean oodles.

So we venture into the room, the event before us is how to create a bike dynamo from beer cans and electrical bits. Seriously cool. This is such a creative environment. I love it. If only we had a load of school kids here they would too. It was rustic, atmospheric and creative.

Our debate lasted and hour and to summarise we felt that

Thematic curriculum
Changing assessment
Less focus on subjects individually

Were the drivers….and personalisation could be the enemy of the state with regard to the skills gap. To see these musings in full see the ustream video feed site. Enjoy


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