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Marginalisation of ICT

The national curriculum review is upon us and the government is asking for opinions. There are lots of people out there berating the ICT skills gap between schools and industry, which is fair. However, i am very worried that the wave of negativity could have a major impact on the marginilisation of ICT as we have in private schools at the moment. We need to be careful not to undo the great work and investment that has happened over the last ten years with educational ICT. Now I am all for computing and have a computing degree, masters and am part of Computing At Schools group however I am very worried that an Easter Island scenario happens here. Where we inadvertently remove the infrastructures that are in place leVing us in a far worse place.

I have been at several conferences over the last year or so and some prominent speakers have berated the ICT taught in schools. I will reiterate here…the curriculum is flexible and everyone does ICT in England at the moment in the state sector so let’s stop knocking it OR it will leave the curriculum and become embedded across the curriculum and be marginalised taken by a few.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, when you read this in six months or a years time.


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2 responses to “Marginalisation of ICT

  1. I echo your thoughts Dan…as an ICT teacher in a secondary school I feel the subject being increasingly shoved to one side…I posted some thoughts on Gove this time last week…let me know what you think…

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