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iPadio online discussion with Scottish Educators

In May 2011, I participated on a discussion set up by Scottish teachers about iPod, iPads in education.  The folloing notes may be of use.

  • Some schools charge via USB multi plugs for large sets
  • Some deploy apps via three accounts and home sharing facility.  So basically on a school netowk set up three accounts and home share these to machines which then update the ipods.
  • To get around the costing for the apps some schools have gifted the APP’s to themselves.  So for example if they buy a copy of a GCSE D&T app then they buyt threcopies and do home sharing.  Then if they had thrity devices theywould gift 27 copies (having set up three accounts to deploy)
  • Ghosting is possible – Do a full backup and restore this to the devices.  this is the preffered way that museums do the deployment.  It will ghost settings too.
  • Proxys need to be transparent for wbe access
  • Lots of schools dont bother with parental restrictions
  • iPhone configuration utility can be downloaded to transfer settings to the devices.
  • If you want a feature added email (check address on the site) but these all get read and often incorporated such as the iPad2 screen visibility option.

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