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BETT part 1

BETT 2012

With 100’s of exhibitors there was a good atmosphere at Bett although the Michael Gove speech certainly was interesting and will cause plenty of discussion over the next weeks. Read it at. . We as a curriculum team will be responding to the proposals and it will be an important part of our development seminars at the end of this term.

Babcock 4S do not have a stand this year but you may see members of the team wandering around especially on Friday. I did see some interesting things as did Dan, and have included a few here that I think might be of use to you.  Please ignore or use as appropriate.

The Bett website has a floor planner, product and supplier guide. . Prebook online if possible.

Stalls that you might like to visit include:

Muvizu (Stand SW52) This is online free 3D animation software that’s easy enough for a seven-year-old to use but sophisticated enough to produce HD-quality videos. I didn’t get a chance to play much but did I mention that it was free!

Media Smart (stand S61) are giving away a free board game called Game of Life (about media etc.) and it has some curriculum resources for teaching advertising and the media to 6-11year olds. I liked the body imaging one explaining how the media and advertising images are manipulated.

Capita (stand D20) ‘emerging’ app by Groupcall.  This allows you to access SIMS from a mobile app on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Hodder (stand D67) have some good resources and e-textbooks to put into your VLE for all GCSE subjects.  Nelson Thornes (stand H6) are pushing their Kaboodle online blended learning system for secondary schools.  Pie Corbett and Johnny Ball are there on Friday, think of a number. 

Loxit (G20) has a good selection of laptop and mobile tablet storage units.  To complement this Parat (stand S84) have lots of new parasync devices to allow the multiple synchronisation of devices such as iPads.

Zulogic (Stand K11) have a new version of their popular Zu3D stop frame animation software and at BETT you can buy a copy with quite a nice webcam, green screen and plasticine for £50.

Crick Software (stand F40) Clicker 6 is out and looks to be very good and has some good new functionality. Mentioned in Gove Speech too!  If you use Clicker 5 on multiple licences you can get a special upgrade price.

British Council (Stand Q38) The e-twining and Comenius projects by the British Council are free and available online. They are at the upper level in gallery 1. 

MLS (Micro Librarian Systems stand C20) have a new solution which includes the loaning of ebooks via their librarian mobile app. 

Google (stand E70) has a fun looking stand with some good seminars throughout each day such as chrome books, Google docs, Google tools and so on.



SMART Technologies (B50) new interactive projector is worth a look.  They are also unveiling the Notebook 11 software soon that will be available to schools which is fully HTML 5 and web compliant. It will be a free upgrade as well. 

Promethean (B30) Check out their new interactive multi touch table, very powerful running loads of separate videos and group collaborative work. I didn’t ask the price!

Muraspec (stand J2) had some amazing paint that you could use on any wall or table which then becomes a wipe off whiteboard also good for short throw projection units.  Great idea, low tech and value for money.

ZU3D (stand k11) was showcasing their stop motion software.  A cost effective solution for mulit layered animation and video/sound editing.

Positive Gaming UK (Stand N55) Check out the very robust dance mats for Dance PE.



BT (stand J6) released their new ambassadors of IT course.  It is an online course for Esafety and also for online mentoring.  

Achievement for All have been funded by the DfE to create an inclusive curriculum and resources to support students with SEN and beyond.  They are running some small scale conferencing events about ICT and SEN every day at 12:00 and 3:30 that are free to attend at Gallery room 1.






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