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Notes from a disruptive course

(here are some notes from a conference, not spell checked or checked for grammar but here goes anyway)

How will we Learn, when will we Learn.

What is the purpose of education
Indoctrination. Follow orders, not challenge, conform, 1960 freedom so tightened it..crisis of democracy. Liberal spectrum. Measures trying to control, vocational, debt

Enlightenment is in other hand
Creative enquiry, purse on own or with others, science would not progress if things are not challenged, unconformed, need to ask questions

Impact of technology
Shift from telephone to email sig but does not compare from sailing vessel to Internet
Can’t expect a person to have access to Harvard library and expect them to be biologists. Behind every use of contemporary technology need a constructive apparatus e,g random exploration of Internet eg factoids about health, need to value, interpret.
Nobel prize is not person who read the most journals it’s who knew what to look for.

Cost of investment
Need to encourage creative exploration, challenge, cross frontiers

Assessment v autonomy
Shaping of early years to pass examinations
Where I am
Developing instruction
Don’t really tell you very much
Can do very will on tests but know very little
Can be a useful device
E.g group of teachers, your future, my future…geared to passing tests.

Ray Kurzweil
University…run by impact – singularity university (look at this for curric)
Core of curriculum is self organised and pick a major world problem
Project continues indefinitely
E.g, create a house from 3D printer..creating blocks
High school students need to learn entrepreneurship, mentorship
Young people, with ideas change the world
Democratising technologies
Three years ago now social net, ten years ago search engines
Same as calculators ..arithmetic skills not as they were but not going away and offered more depth
Change is not a constant it is exponential
Predictors are linear e.g, running from rhino but tech is exponential so our brains can’t see it. Doubles every 11months. After thirty doublings it increases by a billion. It’s not theoretical. Stepping 1,2,4,8,16,32,64.128
In twenty five years a mobile will be a billion times computer power, smaller than a blod cell.
Health and medicine didn’t used to be IT
Discovery to development. Random
Economic impact will decrease as consumption may or double but cost coming down. Actually stats says we do consume more. Biotechnology is one example of information technology that did not used to be one
Linear scales experience as if it came out of nowhere but on logarithmic scale steady attention and see trend.

Debbie Forster
Apps for good
Problem solving based course
Business models, videos, training teachers, materials online, the so what is to bring it to life. It cannot rely on just one person, wider community.


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