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A bizarre weekend

So..where to begin.  A normal trip to football on Saturday with the boys. On the way back we pull in to the the close and see a man in a black Volvo doubled up on the back seat of his car.  A neighbour and passer by are talking to him.  I pull over and get out (leave all three kids in the car) and help out.  The man is clearly having a serious heart attack.   After five minutes his wife
appears as she had gone to get a drink thinking he was having a diabetic seizure.   A neighbour calls 999 again.  I spend quite some time moving and soothing him by rubbing his back. He is in agony and lying on the back seat in distress.  No sign of ambulance…. after several more calls and several casualty movements later we are still waiting.   It seems like an age for the paramedic to get to us from Putney….the paramedic then calls an ambulance after an ecg and they zoom off to St Georges in Tooting (remember that name).

Later in the evening the mans wife comes back to collect the car.  The man has had to have bypass surgery and has clots which they are removing.  Quite serious but hopefully we got to him in time and helped to get him through the hour or so.



So, not wanting to have a heart attack myself I decide to go for a run this morning.   I run for 45mins up to Ronnie Woods house in claygate and around the common.  BUT…as I am on the home leg I decide to do another lap to get me to an hour as I haven’t run in ages.  As I run down the bridleway a girl gets bucked off a horse in front of me and it kicks her in the forehead..boom.  So saga continues.. All the three horse riders with her are all in shock and and running around in a panic and almost trampling the poor girl with their horses.   I have never spoken to anyone with concussion before but she had no idea who or where she was.  Very surreal couple of hours.  Recovery
postion and phone call using 112 as 999 was not working.  Also…moral to this one…pin codes for phones and concussion don’t mix…make sure you set your ICE contact up as it appears in the emergency numbers if you dont have the pin.  Ambulance takes her’ve guessed it St Georges in Tooting…great

Why the hell am I blogging this?  Well three reasons…if you see something or end up in a situation (even if you are not first aid trained) someone must take control.  In these dramatic situations first responders make a difference.   The ambulance took 1hr 10mins to get to the horse accident and over 30mins for the heart attack victim.  Even in London boroughs where I live. 

Secondly, put your ICE number in your phone now and remember 112 if you dont have signal.

Thirdly, these things happen in threes so don’t come anywhere near me.


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