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Biometrics 4 ways your body can betray you

1) Finger/Palm: The latent prints collected at crime scenes include finger and palm prints. Both can identify an individual, but latent impressions tend to be smudged and incomplete. Last April, the FBI revolutionized print analysis, rolling out the first national palm-print database and updating algorithms to triple the accuracy of fingerprint searches.

2) DNA: Matching a suspect’s DNA to a crime-scene sample used to mean waiting up to 60 days for lab results. IntegenX recently released RapidHIT technology, which compares DNA in 90 minutes—fast enough to nail a suspect during interrogation. The two-by-two-foot scanner packs a lab’s worth of chem­ical analyses onto a single disposable microfluidic cartridge.

3) Iris: An iris scan requires suspects to stare directly into a nearby camera, making it all but useless for criminal investigations. But it’s a foolproof approach to authentication, and nearly any consumer-grade camera can capture the unique patterns in the eye. Schools, prisons, and companies (including Google) already use iris scans for security.

4) Voice: Though voice recognition is largely a commercial tool—banks such as Barclays use it to verify money transfers—vocal-pattern matching also catches crooks. Within 30 seconds of phone conversation, the system created by Nuance Communications can build a unique voice print and then run it against a database of prints from confirmed fraudsters.

(from Popular Science)


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