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Gamifying Games


Nothing is harder than keeping the attention of little kids and mine are no exception.  They are multi-modal media snackers who need to play offline and online.  I have noticed how many sports now seem to gamify their coaching.  So I was thinking how other folks have tried to gamify their own contexts and I am starting to collate some ideas here.  This may give us food for thought in a technological, educational and commercial setting.    I also think its about differentiating to different learning styles but that’s far to thorny for this little blogpost.    Let me know if you have any ideas to add to this conversation via twitter @dan_bowen


  • Football (Soccer) – Futsal (smaller ball, less players)
  • Rugby Union – 7’s rugby (faster, less players, less contested  technical areas e.g. scrums)
  • Surfing – Life Saving, Gromitts (Fun, exercise, running, life saving, swimming, competitions)
  • Tennis – Tennis camps – (Sub games, pacman, mini tennis, running, throwing)
  • Swimming – Swimming clubs (competition, playing, using objects, life saving)
  • Flying  – Red Bull air race (course, agile planes, spectators, colour)

Can we learn from these?

Sports within sports

I am lucky enough to know the Arsenal Goal keeping coach and one thing he does to train the players is to pay lots of volley ball.  I have also seen our kids play rugby in soccer camps to get used to positioning and so on.   I wonder if this can applied to education?


Yes they love their weekly badges in terms of trophies but as they don’t keep them I wonder how this will affect their morale.  The awarding isn’t rigorous (and we have been to several clubs in UK and Aus and all seem very random).  Some clubs used a points based systems which seems a little more fair but hard to track.

So for the future:

Next time you are at an event try to think about how it has been gamified or how they could make it better.

Some food for thought:




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