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Where? A solemn ode to Social Networking


Where is our voice?

Where are our friends?

Where are our family?

Where are our networks

Where are our enemies?

Where is our humanity?

Where is our compassion?

Where is our decency?


Over the last three months I have come across several horrific images online from charred remains of people on board flight MH17, today seeing a photograph of a father holding his son who was  injured due to a missile attack in Gaza with half of his head missing and finally I see a boy holding the head of a Syrian fighter.

I understand the arguments of both sides of the free speech, open data, social openness argument but the boundary has been and will continue to be pushed.   It is not the technology it is the power of this dissemination for the needs of specific regimes.

Please don’t reply to this, comment about or share it.  Just personally reflect.


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