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Teaching must reads – Visible Learning – John Hattie

Visible Learning is perhaps of the single most significant book ever published on education. If you haven’t read this book, you are doing your students a great disservice.

There are actually several books in the series, but the must read is Visible Learning: A Synthesis Over 800 Meta-Analyses On Student Achievement.

The book is a review of research, so it is not a light read – but it isn’t hard to understand. It compares the relative effect of 138 different factors have on students’ achievement. These factors include everything from various teaching strategies (e.g. inquiry learning, reciprocal teaching, phonics) to things such as class size, socio-economic status and moving from school-to-school.

Some of the findings will confirm what you already believe, while others will shock you.

There is a reason that many educators refer to Hattie’s book as their Bible.
Michelle Ash

The book shows you whatthings have the largest impact on student achievement. It doesn’t always give details on howto do those things – which is one reason I started this site.

I strongly recommend that you read Visible Learning: A Synthesis Over 800 Meta-Analyses On Student Achievement before anything else. Yet, if you have already read it – other related books include:
•Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximising Impact On Learning
•International Guide To Student Achievement
•Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn


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