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Teaching read 1 – Carol Dweck – Mindset

This book, written by renowned psychologist Carol Dweck, explains how students’ success at school is affected by the way we react to success and failure.

Some people attribute success and failure to effort or lack thereof. They hold what Dweck calls a growth mindset. Other people attribute success and failure to innate abilities (or lack thereof). They hold what Dweck calls a fixed mindset.

While in reality, success is normally a combination of effort + ability, research shows that:
•Students with a growth mindset outperform students (of similar ability) with a fixed mindset
•Teachers with a growth mindset help students get better results than teachers with a fixed mindset

Furthermore, the seemingly innocent comments you make as a teacher (or parent, or principal, etc.) can either reinforce a fixed mindset or nurture a growth mindset.

This book is an essential read for parents, teachers, coaches, and others who are instrumental in determining a child’s mind-set, and in turn, his or her future success.
Library Journal

If you haven’t read it yet, get your copy of Mindset today. If you have read it, buy a copy for your boss, for a friend or even for your prac student.

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