Learning Spaces

Building Schools for the Future (5 years)

The Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme will see every state secondary school in England – around 3,500 in total – rebuilt or remodelled over the lifetime of the programme.

Launched by the Department for Education & Skills in February 2004, BSF is the largest and most ambitious scheme of its kind anywhere in the world. It will transform education for some 3.3 million students aged 11-19.

The scale of BSF enables local authorities to move from patch and mend spending on schools to rebuild and renewal, with a more strategic approach to funding, design, procurement and management of buildings.

BSF is not just a building programme: The programme aims to create learning environments which inspire all young people to unlock hidden talents and reach their full potential; provide teachers with 21st century work places; and provide access to facilities which can be used by all members of the local community.

Funding: On average £2.5-£3 billion of capital investment is being spent on the programme each year. The Comprehensive Spending Review settlement for 2008-11 gives £9.3 billion for the BSF programme over three years.

Sustainability: The BSF programme is committed to reducing carbon emissions from schools, with all buildings making the most of sustainable features to help protect the environment and reduce overheads. In some schools students can monitor the amount of energy consumed, rainwater is used to flush toilets, and recycled materials are used for construction.

Design: BSF schools are helping to reduce bullying and other anti-social behaviours through the use of good quality, thoughtful design. Wider corridors and toilet blocks located near to classrooms and staff rooms allow these areas to be ‘passively’ supervised.

ICT: Technology plays a key role in helping to achieve educational transformation in BSF schools. BSF provides a high level of capital funding for ICT – equivalent to £1,675 per pupil place.

Consultation: Students, teachers, parents and members of the local community are all encouraged to have a say in the design of their school under BSF. In addition to public consultation, many students have already had an opportunity to take part in design workshops with architects and contractors.



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